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SOLVED: Asus external Blu-Ray/DVD external drive not working in Windows 10

December 5, 2015

I have an external Blu-Ray/DVD external drive for my Windows laptop. Specifically, it is the Asus SBW-06D2x-U here:

When I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, the external drive no longer worked. I could hear that its power was on, but the drive did not appear in “This PC” and neither did it appear in the Device Manager. It was as if the drive was completely invisible to Windows 10.

I found the solution here:   What follows is the info I got from there, rewritten for completely ignorant people (like me).

With the external drive plugged into the USB ports, open up the Device Manager (if you don’t know how, simply type “device manager” into the search box and click on it). First, look to see if the drive is listed there but with an exclamation mark next to it; if so, that’s a different problem and you’ll need to look somewhere else for the solution.

If your external drive is completely missing from Device Manager, look to see if there is an entry called “Initio Combo Device Class”. If so, see what happens if you unplug the external drive. If the “Initio Combo” thing disappears, then that’s the problem: Windows 10 is mistaking your Blu-Ray drive for this useless Initio thing. If you get rid of Initio, your computer will recognize your Blu-Ray drive properly. I do not know why this works, but it does.

OK, so follow these instructions TO THE LETTER.

  1. Plug your external drive back in, and “Intio Combo Device Class” should reappear in the Device Manager.
  2. Click on the little “>” next to it, and you should see something called “Initio Default Controller” appear underneath.
  3. Right-click on “Initio Default Controller” and click ‘Disable’ to turn it off.
  4. Now right-click on it again and click ‘Properties’.
  5. In the window that pops up click on the ‘Driver’ tab.
  6. Click on ‘Uninstall Device’, and then follow the instructions carefully to ensure that you do uninstall the drivers (IMPORTANT: you may need to click on a checkbox to confirm that you want to delete the driver software – don’t miss this step if so).
  7. Unplug the external drive from the USB ports.
  8. Shut down your computer (be sure to shut it down fully, don’t just restart it).
  9. With the computer powered off, plug in the external drive to the USB ports.
  10. Restart the computer and let it boot up.
  11. The drive should now work! It should appear in “This PC” and it should appear in “Device Manager” in the list of “DVD/CD-ROM drives”

Good luck!


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  1. lmaxmai permalink

    I have done it the same way and therefore I can confirm that this works. I have faced this issue in Windows 7, 8 and now in Windows 10. It is good to know that others are facing this issue too. Microsoft should be made aware of the issue. Ultrabooks are no longer shipped with optical drives, so an external optical drive is a necessary addition. There will always be a need for optical drives, for example to enjoy and store music in the compact disc format.

  2. mr_moe permalink

    Thank you!!!

    You saved me from re-installing my system.

    Now I can take a rest…..

  3. Phil Lewis permalink

    Windows 10 upgraded this week and I found myself with the same problem yet again. This time the “Initio” driver did not appear in the list so I couldn’t delete it as in previous upgrades. When I plugged in my disc drive it wasn’t even recognised as a disc drive – just an external device. My PC has a USB 3.0 port and I found that by uninstalling all the USB device drivers except the USB 3.0 and then restarting the PC with the disc drive still connected, Windows recognised it as an external disc drive. However, it still didn’t work as a disc player and Initio did not appear in device manager. I then right clicked on the device in the Devices and printers settings and clicked on properties. It said that the driver for the device was the Initio one. Clicking on that allowed me to uninstall AND delete the driver. When I then inserted a cd in the drive, Hey Presto! it worked! Took a lot of trial and error to get to this point so I hope this helps in connection with the advice given above.

  4. Michael permalink

    I wanted to add, press Windows key (that’s the flag keyboard key) and Pause/Break which will bring you to your Windows System information window, then simply press ‘Device Manager’ for a quick shortcut to get to your Device Manager GUI.

    OK, I wanted to add to check the checkbox ‘Also remove driver’. I spent over half an hour repeating the above steps, not realizing there is a checkbox. So even for those expert computer users out there… don’t overlook the checkbox ‘Uninstall drivers’ as well.

    A small guideline: DVD’s will run in your free VLC player, Blu-rays are at the date of this post a patentet technology from Sony and require a purchased Blu-ray player. I use Aiseesoft Blu-ray player lifetime pass which upgrades for the next 100 years on all Windows platforms 🙂

    Thank you Main Thread poster person!! You saved my weekend full with blu ray and dvd movies.

  5. Lorne permalink

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! And no thanks to Microsoft and vendors that provide no help on their websites, Asus in this case. I can now burn a Christmas video… after several hours of futzing with this. Once again Microsoft has killed the Christmas spirit… 🙂
    Remember to check the check box to actually “delete” the Initio driver. I didn’t the first time and it didn’t work.

    • Lorne permalink

      FYI The recent 2017 Windows Creators Update re-installed the “Initio” driver on me and re-disabled my Asus external blu-ray drive again. Thankfully I had book marked this page so I could get by external Blu-drive working… again. Thanks Microsoft!

  6. Stefan permalink

    Thank you so much! I am so happy to be able to use the device again.

  7. Thank you so much. It works… Really I am so happy. Thanks again for your help and your time to write this down and for explaining so easy.

  8. Eagletransporter permalink

    Worked like a charm … and right at the first try !! Thank you so much!

  9. Japaner permalink

    It worked!
    I do appreciate you!!

  10. Mauricio permalink

    Thanks so much!!!! I kill the snake and show the wood! (Brazilian adjective)

  11. After looking for a solution for so long Finally I found it! Thank you so much!!!

  12. Awesome thank you wery much! I have tons of software in my windows and after update to latest creator update of windows 10 x64 exactly this problem appeared with my asus bluray drive. I tried several thigs and i am familiar with widnows device manager quite well. But I have not noticed that the drive is actually named as a intio usb device. That I missed. I wanted to watch movie with my GF and instead I started to backup things to finally reinstall my windows. But actually everything works now. So my windows is not bad at all. Only the response coud be better if reainstalled 🙂

    Thanks a lot

  13. Des Rutter permalink

    Thank you very much. I was about to give up on the drive.

  14. Nuwan permalink

    Thanks a lot brother !!

  15. Markus permalink

    It does work!! Thank u very much! 🙂

  16. This does work. Thank you.

  17. examplebob permalink

    Problem reoccurred after the Win10 creators update…all I had to do was uninstall the Initio Default Controller, making sure to check “delete driver”. Scanned for new hardware (no reboot) and the Asus drive showed up as expected.

  18. Dan permalink

    Thank you. I had exact same problem with exact same drive and latest windows update.

  19. dave permalink

    Did not work with Windows 10 Creator edition.

    • Have a look at the recent comment from “Examplebob”, and see if that works for you. Let us know if it does.

  20. Per Ulrik Hansen permalink

    It worked for me today. Thanks (y)

  21. 2017-09-27

    I would like to add that this works with modern Windows 64-bit without restarting.

    Thank you once again for your help –forum– This is the 2nd time, I had this last on my Win 7 as a problem.

    With Windows 10:

    1. Repeat the steps about uninstalling the driver and unplugging the device.
    2. Close Device manager
    3. Replug the device

    It will now appear in This PC.

  22. Valerio permalink

    Thank you a lot from Rome.
    I tried to solve this problem following many & many forum.
    No one of these tips worked. Only yours 🙂
    Thanks again

  23. Philippe permalink

    Merci beaucoup, ça fonctionne parfaitement!!

    – Philippe à Montréal

  24. Guess Who permalink

    Thanks, I was actually directed to this site by Asus engineers as a fix to my problem. This worked!

  25. Andrew P permalink

    Thanks so much for this, fixed the issue right up.

  26. Umbo permalink

    Good job. Perfectly working. IOU.

  27. I followed the steps and it worked for me. Thank you.

  28. Karolina Ka permalink

    For me it works, Thanks!

  29. Francesco permalink

    Grazie, grazie, grazie !!!

  30. Mike permalink

    Hi there… it worked perfectly, for the second time… Thanks Heaps Cheers Mike in NZ 🙂

    (Seems Windows 10 Updates revert it back to lalaland)

  31. Thanks, Man! Your post helped me out big time! I was just on the brink to just ordering a new *@#!? External DVD Drive!

    It worked from the first try! I’ll save this post maybe I’ll need it again later.

    Thanks a lot for posting your experience here for everyone!

    Kind Regards

  32. Rod permalink

    Windows 10 Fall Update has arrived and I’ve had to go through this again. If the lads at Microsoft were running hospitals people would be dying!

  33. Shawn Guillemette permalink

    Worked for me! Thanks

  34. ewok66429 permalink

    Unbelievable – this two year-old post is still correct. My drive had been working fine for over a year, and one day just stopped. I never even noticed the Initio device before. I was ready to start tearing my hair out! Thanks!

  35. I can’t thank you enough, after hours of researching how to resolve this, I have finally got it working first time thanks to you. Thank you!!!!!

  36. Just fyi there is no need to reboot, or shut down the computer… (there would be no difference between the two btw, assuming there was a valid reason to do so) .. but hey you did make it clear that you weren’t a hax0r…

    Once you have deleted the Initio driver as per step 6, you simply need to unplug/replug the drive and it will work instantly (no weird lamen steps that sound more like superstition then technical advice 😛 )

    • I’m sure you’re right, but I’m gonna leave it as is on the ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ principle! 😉

  37. This was driving me crazy!! I could not imagine what was going wrong!! I searched Google, your fix was fourth in the search results and bam!, it worked perfectly! Thank you so much for taking the time to post the fix you found!! Another example of good people + Internet = crazy amounts of knowledge for everyone!! 🙂

  38. It worked for me. 13th May 2018!!! T H A N K S !!! =)

  39. Hardlydan permalink

    Worked for me Windows10 version 1803 21/05/2018 Many thanks.

  40. Thank you so much, this worked like a charm for me!

  41. Chuck permalink

    Under which category does the “Initio Default Controller” shows up in Device Manager?

    • I seem to remember the category has the same name as the device, i.e. ‘Initio something something’

      • Chuck permalink

        Update on my fix. I didnt see any Initio default controller but I would see 4 drivers associated to my burner. I followed the instructions around deleting the “upper and lower filters” in the registry. Reinstalled the burner after rebooting and it worked great.

  42. brian permalink

    nothing works for me!!!! i have tried all the above several times, just want to throw it in the bin

  43. Bernd permalink

    Excellent comment, it worked for me. Windows 10, Sony Vaio. Very helpful. Thank you

  44. Roger Bouvrie permalink

    IT works – finally – congrats – Roger Bouvrie

  45. Rod permalink

    Laptop just did a big Windows update and I had to do this again (14/06/18). And thankfully it worked again. It’s amazing how dumb Microsoft can make themselves look.

  46. Tr3ndz permalink

    Worked perfectly, thanks so much!

  47. David Buglass permalink

    Thank you one million times. This has been driving me mad for 2 months. I’ve been having to use an old Iso drive image to undo Windows updates since the April Windows 10 update and you have just solved this in 5 minutes. I can’t thank you enough.

  48. Thanks. It worked for me

  49. Yay, it worked! Thank you for the instructions! (-: (2018-07-21)

  50. Anthony permalink

    Thank you very much. Windows sucks. Microsoft sucks. Good day

  51. Thank you so much for this! I was minutes away from returning my Asus external driver altogether!

  52. Robert permalink

    Thanks very much for posting this. Still a problem in 2018 (Microsoft?) and still a simple, viable fix despite all the other posts on the Web about Registry edits, etc.

  53. Ernest permalink

    Thank you, t worked!

  54. Leonard C permalink

    Thank you this worked! – 7 Oct 2018

  55. Mariusz permalink

    Microsoft service doesn`t help!
    Asus service doesn`t help!
    But your instruction help!!!!!

  56. Graham permalink

    Thanks so much for this fix. My Asus USB BluRay Recorder (SBW-06C2X-U) has been useless with Win 10 and every step you described was there, starting with the Initio Combo thing (and as you stressed, EVERY step is important). I have just enjoyed watching a disc and I’m so pleased to have it working again

  57. Thank you! What a lifesaver. We have several Asus Blu-ray external drives in our office that suddenly stopped working. Same as with everyone else, this happened after a Win10 update. I have spent hours researching, nothing worked until this solution!

    Seems to be a specific problem for these Asus Blu-ray drives.

    This solved my problem when I was just about to give up!

  59. tex2019 permalink

    This didn’t work for me. In my case it was the BIOS update on my Gigabyte motherboard. My issue was the drive wasn’t showing in Device Manager at all. But then it would if I plugged into only a certain USB port on the motherboard. I downgraded the BIOS version 1 level and now it works fine wherever I plug it in (Win 10 Vers 1803).

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